Camp Santa Ursula

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Call us at: +52 (444) 814-9972 and 835-3705
We are located in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

Optional Services

Our prices include lodging, food, instructors, and use of all facilities, activities, and equipment. They do not include the following optional services:

  • Transportation: It is done by air or land (bus) when a group of at least 25 campers is formed. Campers shall pay 10% over the ticket rate to cover the accompany counselor’s expenses. This percentage should be paid to such counselor at the corresponding terminal.

  • Photo Album: The summer camp offers photographic service which includes 4 individual photos of the camper, and 2 more with his group. This service may be acquired when arriving at camp or at the airport or bus terminal with the accompany counselor. (after this time we will not be responsible for the service).

  • Souvenir Store: Camp t-shirts, hats, jackets, etc. are sold in our store. When arriving at camp parents may leave a deposit to open a camper’s account from which purchases will be deducted.

Camp Santa Ursula - Optional Services