Camp Santa Ursula

Live your best adventure!

Call us at: +52 (444) 814-9972 and 835-3705
We are located in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

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Summer Camps

Everything you need for your camps, you can find it here at Camp Santa Ursula. Learn all the details about our facilities, activities, and much more, through this incredible video!

Duration: 7:18

Live your best adventure at Camp Santa Ursula!

Duration: 0:50

Memories 2012
Duration: 2:58

BMX Circuit
Duration: 1:15

Duration: 0:36

Duration: 2:00

Horseback riding
Duration: 0:48

Aquatic facilities
Duration: 0:47

Mini Golf
Duration: 0:46

"The Cloud"
Duration: 0:43

Farewell Summer 1
Duration: 3:15

After Movie, Summer 2
Duration: 9:47

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