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What does the End of Course Camp include?
  • Accommodation in dorms located in our cowboy town and train cars.
  • Nutritious foods and snacks
  • Specialized instructors
  • Use of all our facilities and equipment
  • Nutritious foods and snacks
  • Personalized supervision and care
  • 24-hour medical service
¿Qué actividades no incluye el Campamento de Fin de Curso?
  • Las siguientes actividades en los Campamentos de fin de cursos no están incluídas: Buceo, Coyotes, Péndulo, Astronomía, Talleres, Gimnasia, Campismo y Realización de Quesos.
For five days you will live with your classmates and you will meet boys and girls from all over Mexico.

Our program is carefully designed for the age of campers, offering a variety of exciting activities that only Camp Santa Úrsula can offer. From water games to adventure sports, experiential workshops and theme nights, every moment is full of fun and learning. In addition to enjoying the exciting activities, they will have the opportunity to make new friendships that will last a lifetime.

Laughter, challenges and unforgettable experiences with your schoolmates while creating memories that will last forever. Don't miss the opportunity to close the school year with a flourish at Camp Santa Úrsula.

¿Comienza la aventura con nosotros!

Our team of highly trained instructors ensures that every activity is safe, educational and, above all, incredibly fun.
Go Karts Camp Santa Ursula
Motores en la Pista
¡No hay nada como nuestra recién renovada pista de go karts!
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Actividades acuáticas camp santa ursula
Actividades Acuáticas
¡Sumergirte en la diversión de las siempre supervisadas actividades acuáticas!
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Deportes y juegos Camp Santa Ursula
Hora del Deporte
Nuestros emocionantes juegos de cuerdas, ligas y retos de habilidad y destreza te desafiarán.
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Aventura Camp Santa Ursula
Aventura Extrema
Emocionantes descensos en rappel y desafiantes rutas de escalada, prepárate para vivir la adrenalina al máximo.
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Camp Santa Ursula Naturaleza y animales
Naturaleza y animales
¡Prepárate para conectarte con el mundo que te rodea de una manera única y emocionante!
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Entretenimiento y recreación Camp Santa Ursula
Entetenimiento y Recreación
¡Diviértete y haz nuevos amigos en nuestras actividades de recreación y entretenimiento!
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Camp Santa Ursula Juega y aprende
Juega y Aprende: Talleres
Cada actividad es una oportunidad para descubrir, aprender y crecer.
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Camp Santa Ursula Actividades nocturnas
Actividades Nocturnas
Cuentos y emocionantes juegos de búsqueda, la noche se ilumina con risas y aventuras inolvidables.
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Go karts Camp Santa Ursula
Motores en la Pista
¡No hay nada como nuestra recién renovada pista de go karts!
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Actividades acuaticas Camp Santa Ursula
Actividades Acuáticas
¡Sumergirte en la diversión de las siempre supervisadas actividades acuáticas!
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Discover our camp, a natural paradise.
A perfect escape to connect with nature and live unforgettable experiences.

Every year we welcome campers from Mexico, USA, Spain, France, Cuba, South Africa, Germany, Canada, China, Russia and Italy.
campamento santa ursula
What our campers think
Daniela Torres
Queretaro, Queretaro
From the reception area everything is excellently well maintained, my daughter has had one of the best experiences, since her first day she felt taken care of. The camp brought positive changes such as greater independence, security, improved communication with other girls her age and I think that in a certain way this contributes to their security and self-confidence.
Sara Carcamo Engrande
Influencer Account Manager at Fuel Your Brands
“My experience with Passwork has been very rewarding right from the start. I have the flexibility to book instantly, plus the workplaces are very comfortable. I really like the availability of locations because I can see very much which space is closest to me.”
Nora Caro
Mercy For Animals
“My favorite thing about working with Passwork is forging new relationships and contacts, as well as choosing between several coworking options. I enjoy working in a space where others are working because it forces me to concentrate and in a coffee shop I am easily distracted.”
Susana Echevarría
“I went to Co-Madre to work one morning and it was a very pleasant experience. The space is well furnished, has amenities such as individual booths for video calls, coffee, tea, water and a cafeteria, I highly recommend it!”
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With nearly 50 years of experience, we have witnessed the transformation in the lives of thousands of children, creating memories that last forever.
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Preguntas Frecuentes sobre el campamento
We answer all your questions!
Who takes care of the children?

The children are cared for by an instructor and an assistant, together with instructors specialized in various activities and camp managers who are on the lookout for all campers.

If my child goes with a friend can they be together?

Yes, as long as the children are the same age and both they and the parents agree. Although we can't commit to more than 3 campers on the same team.

Do the rooms or cabins have their own bathrooms?

The vast majority of rooms or cabins have their own bathroom.

Do you help young children bathe and dress?

No, we ask that you consider that children should be independent in activities such as bathing, dressing, combing their hair, going to the bathroom and taking care of their things. Instructors are waiting, but cannot take care of each child individually.

How is communication with children? Can we talk to them?

Calls are not allowed. The communication is through messages on the camp page, delivered daily at breakfast time or the first activity in the morning. Children respond to these messages in letters that are taken photos and sent to the parents' emails.

If my child is carrying medications, how do they manage them?

We have medical staff who administer medications. Parents should write down the information in the registry and hand in medications when leaving their children at the camp.

What do you do in case of an accident? Do they warn us?

The protocols are followed. In case of minor injuries, there is no warning so as not to worry parents. There's a paramedic in the camp. In more serious cases, parents are contacted before taking the child to the hospital.

Do you have any health insurance?

Yes, we have accident insurance that covers up to $150,000.00.

How safe is the camp? Do you have any systems in place?

The camp is safe, with measures such as electric fences, closed circuit television linked to the state police, among others.

What are the foods like? Can you briefly describe what they eat?
  • Breakfast: Fruits, juices, smoothies, milk, cereal, eggs, beans, chilaquiles, waffles, hot cakes, sweet bread.
  • Food: Salads, vegetables, soup, cream, chicken, fish, beef or pork, flavored waters and dessert.
  • Dinner: Salad, cereal, sweet bread, pizzas, club sandwiches, muffins, milk, flavored water, tacos.
  • Refreshments (mid-morning and mid-afternoon): Flavoured water, fruit, vegetables, whole wheat crackers, sandwiches, wraps, popsicles, jellies, and so on.